Pay Tuition 

Paying your child's tuition is easy in just a few steps. Once you've done it, it will be done automatically every month. 

Prevent class disruption!

1) Tuition is due on or before the 1st of every month.

2) Remember to select your child's correct tuition amount

Late tuition payment will incur a $25 administrative fee. 

Choose Your Child's Monthly Tuition

  • Little Muslims

    Every month
    Little Muslims Elementary Tuition
    Valid for 7 months
    • Little Muslims Elementary Tuition + Processing fee
  • Young Companions

    Every month
    Young Companions Middle School
    Valid for 7 months
    • Young Companions Middle School Tuition + Processing fee
  • QAI

    Every month
    Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies Only
    Valid for 7 months
    • Quran, Arabic, and Isamic Studies Tuition + Processing fee
  • QAI Mid Year

    Every month
    For students enrolling after September
    Valid for 7 months

    Choosing a plan means you agree for your child's tuition amount to be deducted automatically every month until June.